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Our Story

During lockdown I was at home, baking sourdough, smoking my own ham. I sat down and spread butter on the warm bread and ate it with a slice of ham. And I thought...
‘you know what? This is amazing.’

That was the inspiration for Farm & Table.

I wanted to serve people incredible food that stood on its own merit. Ingredients would be freshly picked from the local fields, meat would be organic and ethically reared, bread would be freshly baked that morning.

I would subtly accentuate natural flavours using traditional wood-smoking or pickling methods rather than adding complicated and unnecessary ingredients. The simple perfection of warm bread, melted butter and home-smoked ham is hard to beat. So why try?

The restaurant I imagined would employ a team who were celebrated for their individual skills and interests, it would be a place where everyone took personal pride in their work and the contribution they were making.

The opportunity to unite with Wykham Park Farm, an organic farm in a beautiful part of the Oxfordshire countryside set the wheels in motion. In 2021 we opened our doors.

However much Farm & Table represents so much of my beliefs about food and my upbringing, the truth is that I opened this restaurant for the people who come to visit. Without you there is nothing, and your enjoyment of my food is everything.

You will find us friendly and honest, we say hello, we value your comfort and enjoyment, and we want you to remember our food and the time you spent here forever.

We reared our own animals, cultivated vegetables, fruit, and crops. The whole community foraged for mushrooms, fished from local rivers, and then used traditional preserving methods. Life was ordered and flavoured by the seasons.

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