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Our Ethos


The seasons are so short in the UK that you must take what you can in the moment. This means that our menu evolves throughout the year offering the very freshest ingredients, picked at their prime and bursting with flavour.

Fresh, rustic and real

We believe that food doesn’t need to be fancy; it needs to be fresh, rustic, and real. With ingredients grown nearby, harvested at the right time, and prepared with skill and respect for their natural goodness and flavour.

Local, seasonal produce

Our rustic and welcoming restaurant is based in a converted barn on Wykham Park Farm beside the farm shop. The farm supply us with British-fed beef, pork, and lamb, as well as seasonal, organically grown vegetables including asparagus.

Our head chef works collaboratively with the farmer and butcher and sources fresh local produce from the on-site farm shop and our own kitchen garden. We are proud that the seasonal dishes served at Farm & Table contain ingredients from the local area, created by ethical producers who share our values.

Where I come from there are forests. During the summer my mum would forage for medicinal herbs, we would collect wild garlic in the spring and fresh berries in the summer. In the winter, we would collect mushrooms. We would dry them and put them away to be used over the winter months.


From the age of seven, Pawel was taken out foraging for fresh berries, mushrooms, and wild garlic, amongst other things.

He continues his pursuit for nature’s hidden treasures to this day, trekking to unspoilt woods and forests, meadows and hedgerows and enhancing Farm & Table’s menu with his seasonal finds.


Farm, shop, and restaurant share a passionate respect for nature, and this flows into the way that we treat our animals, process ingredients, menu-plan, prepare dishes, and re-use and recycle ingredients.

The farm grows grain that is used to make beer and bread, and for feeding the pigs. We turn spare bread into crackers, and if anything is left over it is composted and returned to the field. This means that not only is there no waste, but the grain nurtures new growth.

We honour the provenance of the food we serve, avoiding waste, and returning what isn’t used to the earth that cultivated it.

At my Grandparents’ farm I learnt the real value of the animals we reared. We nurtured them, we milked them, we slaughtered them, and we butchered them. And we wouldn’t let anything go to waste. We would use almost every part of the animal.


With our meat caringly reared on Wykham Park Farm and at surrounding local farms, we are proud not only to offer the ‘finer cuts’. Enjoy our weekly specials of unusual, beautifully flavoursome cuts skilfully prepared by our chef-led team.


We only have one bread here, and we make it ourselves every day. It has 4 ingredients: Flour water salt and chia seeds. We use locally grown organic barley, and a local mill grinds it to make flour.

We take the flour and turn it into our signature fragrant, crusty bread. If there is any bread left over at the end of the day, we soak it in water and blitz it into paste to make crackers for hummus.

Any table waste is composted and used on the asparagus fields, or on the hay fields to feed the cows. This circular method means that we can convert food waste into soil nutrients, making the soil more fertile in order to grow even richer and more flavoursome food.

Coffee & Cake

In line with our locally sourced ingredients, our coffee is roasted locally by the Ground Coffee Society. Best enjoyed with a slice of delicious, home-made cake baked by our talented team, you can take your time and soak up the barn’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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